{Stus-List} Awlgrip or Poli-Glow

Bill Bina billbina at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 10 08:52:32 EDT 2008

That question would be very hard to answer as asked.  :-)

Here are some things to consider:

Give your boat the poli glow prediction test. Simply spray the hull with 
a garden hose. What the hull looks like wet is what it will look like 
with poli glow.

If that doesn't convince you, buy the poliglow starter kit for $65 and 
just do the transom. If it looks good, just continue on with the rest of 
the boat. If it doesn't satisfy you, just use the included stripper to 
remove it and  go ahead with the awlgrip.

Two years ago, a guy in our marina with a very badly faded and chalky 
dark blue C&C 24 spent a couple of days wet sanding with very fine grit 
paper (not compounding with compounding paste!) to even out the color 
better, and then applied 8 coats of poli glow. Looked like it had been 
dipped in clear plastic. This spring, he washed the boat with plain 
water and applied 2 renewal coats. Took him about an hour and a half 
from start to finish. Looks just as good as the original application.

For a 30 foot boat, the $65 poly glow starter kit will do the initial 
application and have enough left over for the next year or two of 
renewal coats. Figure annual maintenance cost for materials after that 
runs out at about $10-$15.

So how attractive is the price of the awlgrip compared to that?

I think it's well worth $65 and a few hours of your time to do a test 
application of poli glow.

Bill Bina

michael cotton wrote:
> The boat yard has given us a revised (lower) price on a awlgrip job that is very attractive. Our plan was to poli-glow the hull. The hull is badly oxidized & dark blue I'm asking for opinions. Is poli-glow as good as an awlgrip job? 
> Michael cotton
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