{Stus-List} Garmin Map 76s

Bill Connon bconnon at globetrotter.net
Sun Jun 15 17:06:50 EDT 2008


I've been using a Garmin Map 180 with an older version of Nobeltec (ver 
4.something) on my boat for several years. I recently bought a handheld 
Map 76s mainly for use on my woodlot. I hooked the 76 up to the boat 
laptop in case I needed a backup. Everything seems to work except the 
upload/download feature. When I try to download waypoints from the 
laptop to the 76, the names all change to "WAYPT" and the long/lat of 
all the waypoints changes to 000/000. The same thing happens on my Win98 
machine on the boat,as well as my Dell laptop and Gateway desktop 
running XP Pro. The common denominator seems to be the 76 - setup 
problem? - software switch? ANy help would be appreciated.

Caprice 1

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