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Tom Anderson tom at nonpareilracing.com
Mon Jun 16 13:11:26 EDT 2008

You do or do not have a raw water strainer?  If not, install one and check it 
from time to time.  Mine is clear so I can see inside it.

Tom Anderson
C&C 32 Nonpareil
Marblehead, MA

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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:52:04 -0500
From: "Nate Flesness" <nate at isis.org>
Subject: Re: {Stus-List} Engine water temp alarm - Raw water
	(freshwater)	strainer solution?
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I have a freshwater-only boat and sail Lake Superior, where you can
drink the water and normally see clearly down 30 feet. However, I could
use something to strain (rare) debris out before it can go into the
cooling system.

Last Friday I fired up the original 1980 raw water cooled Yanmar 2QM15
diesel, warmed it up, motored out of marina (20 kts. wind, waves, large
breakwater-pier rocks close at hand) engine alarm (water) went off just
as we cleared the rocks, fortunately had an offshore breeze so I could
shut her right down. Sailed to our planned island anchorage and after
disassembling various parts of the cooling system eventually found a
tough oak leaf and pine needles embedded in the thermostat water
passage. Recent heavy rains apparently washed suspended debris into our
marina, which was sucked into the unprotected raw water intake. Never
had this happen before, but don't want it to happen again. Engine ran
fine after removing the debris from the thermostat.

Anyone have solutions they recommend?

"Sarah Jean"
1980 30-1

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