{Stus-List} Fathers Day special

Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 16 13:37:28 EDT 2008

Sounds great.  

We would have done the same, but for no less than 6 thunderstorms yesterday.


Maybe next year. 



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For all of you fathers out there, it was a great day yesterday. The wife
asked what I wanted to do and I said go sailing, she agreed (rare occasion).
The wife, youngest daughter (age 27) and our friend Sue had a fantastic sail
on the upper Chesapeake Bay. I put Frolic II on a starboard beam reach and
was running along at 7+ knots for 2 1/2 hours, anchored, had lunch, and on a
port tack we  reversed our steps back to the marina. On a scale of 1 to 10
it was a 10.
Thanks for FATHERS DAY. I hope all of you fathers had a great day.
Tom Vincent
Frolic II
1979 36" C&C cb
Chesapeake City, MD

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