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Bill Coleman coltrek at verizon.net
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This brings up a question - 
What are the ramifications of having a gun on board? If you are US and
declare it if you go to Canada, do they throw you under jail?
The US Coast Guard?  (which I would be more worried about)
You can carry them in your car if they are not concealed, like the back
window of your pickup, if you are so inclined, or on your person, as long as
it is not concealed.
And in Venezuela? (the officials there would probably just take them for
I hear about desperate people (pirates) in the Caribbean, should you attempt
to protect yourself, or just roll over and play dead?
I notice that Nicole Kidman got away with a shotgun, a spear gun, and a
flare gun!
Bill Coleman
C&C 39

For a 33-1 to Venezuela, I'd consider:
1. A gun rack for your rifle
2. A waterproof compartment in the cockpit locker for your pistol.
3. Maybe more fresh water capacity, and more fuel.
4. Maybe a refer to keep your beer cold
5.  A secure place for more ammunition to keep your powder dry!

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Down here in Florida, it's the time of year to crank up the A/C (air
conditioning), crack open an ice-cold beer and dream about future sailing
adventures.  My latest daydream has me beating up the thorny path  (
Fencoding=UTF8&showViewpoints=1> &showViewpoints=1 ) in my old 33-1. I'm
wondering what sorts of modifications or additions folks would suggest in
order to make a journey from Florida to (let's say) Venezuela.

P.S. I used to daydream about owning a boat like my 33-1.  :-)
P.P.S. Spent some time on Isla Margarita (Venezuela) (got married there).


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