{Stus-List} Do WE Need a Zinc on the Prop Shaft Strut?

gary nylander gnylander at atlanticbb.net
Wed Jun 18 11:55:04 EDT 2008

I (and apparently the prev. owners) have not had a strut zinc for 28 years, no problem. I do use up the better part of a shaft zinc or two a year. I also don't connect to shore power very often, as I sail weekly and run the engine at that time. I also have a small solar charger. I'm not sure why a strut zinc would be needed, as the strut is isolated from the shaft as well as the rest of the boat. Not sure where the current would be going.....

Gary N
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  I've hauled out for new bottom paint and the boat yard manager says I need a zinc on the strut.

  It doesn't appear to me the strut has ever had a zinc; no holes or anyway to attach a zinc.

  I have asked other local boaters and it seems they are split on requirement for a zinc on the strut.

  What says the list?

  Any reference to same would be appreciated.

  Ron May
  33-2 #96
  Sailing out of Morro Bay, California


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