{Stus-List} leaky seacock- in water repair??

Rick Taillieu rtaillieu at eastlink.ca
Tue Jun 24 16:33:28 EDT 2008

Hi Dan, is a bad leak or just a seep from the valve?  If it's just a seep,
get some plumber's putty and put it around the leak.  It should hold until
the boat is hauled in the fall.  If it's a bad leak you could dive down and
put a tapered cork in the through hull, making sure it is sealed, then very
carefully replace the ball valve. You could use a softwood plug in the
through hull but it may swell too much and be very hard to remove.


Rick Taillieu
'75 C&C 25
Shearwater YC

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I have looked through the internet but can't seem to find a  
solution-- perhaps there isn't one.   I have a slow leak in the  
seacock under the galley sink.  It appears to be original equipment on my
1980 C&C 25- brass ball valve type.  It appears to be leaking from the valve
itself and not the base.  Any ideas for a temporary fix without a haul?  I
would love to buy some time and replace this winter.



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