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dwight veinot dwightveinot at hfx.eastlink.ca
Wed Jun 25 07:23:41 EDT 2008

I had a new Captain Navy Sunbrella dodger made for my C&C 35 last summer by
a local canvas guy, complete with braced 1 inch stainless steel frame,
cockpit and port and stbd stainless steel handrails, a matching main sail
cover, 4 large fender covers, a mast boot cover, matching dark blue vinyl
cockpit cushion covers, one sunbrella line bag (main sheet) and 2 Sunbrella
instrument covers.  Total cost $2000 and that included at least 4 trips to
my boat for measurement, fit and installation.  I am happy with the new look
on my boat and with the overall quality of his work even though I feel that
the stainless welding and bending could have been done a bit neater.  It is
very strong though and you can rely on the handrails for full support.  He
seemed happy for the work too even though it was a bit of a pain keeping him
on schedule.  In the end I think he might have felt that he gave me too good
of a deal but he wanted the job.  Seems there's lots of room to make a
profit in this stuff; I had one other quote from another company of $2600
for the dodger and frame alone and on that handrails would have been extra.

My point is that just about any skilled canvas worker can make a decent
dodger, especially if you find good photos to describe precisely what you
want so sometimes we end up paying a lot extra for name, like Natty from
Genco for example.  And if the canvas guy can't do the stainless work there
are metal workers who can do it very well and then have a dodger made to fit
your frame.  Could save lots of money that way.  And Dickinson fabric is so
similar to Sunbrella at quite a lesser cost that I would not hesitate to use
it...you can check that out easily and make your own assessment. 

Dwight Veinot
1974 C&C 35, Alianna
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS

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