{Stus-List} wing-on-wing questions? situation 2

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You could just install a pole ring like part number 19012 in the attached
site at the appropriate height on the forward side of your mast and that
will support the inboard end of your pole.

Without a topping lift the spin pole will drag the clew of the sail down
towards the water which is not good...you need to keep the clew higher to
get good sail shape, especially in light air, and without a topping lift on
the pole that is not possible.  Whisker poles can work without a topping
lift because they are usually much lighter weight than spinnaker poles.  I
believe your pole should always be forward of the shrouds so with your boat
which has forward lower shrouds the pole will never get perpendicular to
centerline. I think you really need a mast attachment on the forward side of
the mast...it does not need to be on a track and about 1 or 2 feet  above
the boom would be reasonable.  

When I said 20 degrees to weather I meant 20 degrees to weather from dead
down wind so not from directly over the stern as on a wing on wing run but
20 degrees forward of that on either tack, like a bit aft of a broad reach


Dwight Veinot
1974 C&C 35, Alianna
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS

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I have not used the pole swung that far forward, or with a topping lift, but

will give it a try. My attachment point is on the after side of the mast at 
the goose neck mount, so the angle will be more acute than if I had a 
spinnaker track or other attachment on the forward side of the mast.

We have started using a spinnaker, but so far rigged like an asymmetric, 
with the tack on an ATN "tacker" and no pole. This combined with a sock, has

so far allowed us beginners to keep it under control while double handing, 
instead of providing entertainment for the fleet.

The power of a spinnaker in light air is amazing, but the way we are flying 
it restricts our points of sail. One step at a time.


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