{Stus-List} Garmin GPS and Raymarine autopilot compass hook-up

cenelson at aol.com cenelson at aol.com
Sat Dec 5 22:05:51 EST 2009

I am replacing my Navman instruments (wind/speed/depth/multi) with similar Northstar stuff after Northstar replaced the Navmen POSs with new ones at a reasonable cost.

In the process, I thought I'd hook up the repeater to display the compass heading from the autopilot and take the boat speed from the GPS, both via the NEMA 0183 outputs of the autopilot and GPS. Most of my sailing is done in NC, where current is a non issue.

It looks like I should be able to do this by connecting the NEMA outputs of the GPS and the auto-pilot to the NEMA inputs of the speed and multi instruments from Northstar, either  directly or via the NavBus connection block. 

Since connecting this will be PITA, and realizing that Murphy was originally a sailor, I thought I'd seek the list's opinions on the wisdom of this plan as well as potential pitfalls in the details of the hook-up,  


Charlie Nelson
Water Phantom
C&C 36 XL/kcb

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