{Stus-List} Sydney to Hobart/C&C 115

S/V Cool Change N7FN at comcast.net
Sat Dec 26 17:59:15 EST 2009

Anyone following the Sydney to Hobart?  C&C 115 against the competition......

Positions first to 7th in class out of 20 boats.....


 Boat Type Designer Builder IRC Handicap 
      Paca Beneteau First 40 Bruce Farr Beneteau 1.08 
      Ray White Spirit of Koomooloo  S&S 50 S & S Quilkey Bros 2.04 
      Wicked  First 40 Farr Beneteau 1.09 
      Bacardi  Peterson 44 Peterson John Gould 1.04 
      Seahold Perie Banou II  S & S 39 Sparkman & Stephens Brooker 0.94 
      Matangi  Frers 39 German Frers Carroll Marine 1.01 
      Love & War  S & S 47 S&S C. Quilkey 1.02 
      Two True  First 40 Bruce Farr Beneteau 1.09 
      Bear Necessity  C & C 115 Tim Jackett Novis Marine 1.06 

Frank Noragon
S/V Cool Change
C&C 38 LF, S/N:001
Rose City Yacht Club
Portland, Oregon
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