{Stus-List} 30Mk1 hull to deck joint

Della Barba, Joe Joe.Della.Barba at ssa.gov
Mon Dec 7 11:14:18 EST 2009

On my 35 I had a leak up near the mast that ran along the wiring and
filled the dome light above the nav table with water.

It took awhile to track that one down! 


Joe Della Barba



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A very experienced boat guy here gave me a tip as to how to find leaks.
I had a problem where I thought my grab rail was leaking. I rebedded it
a couple of times but it still leaked-turned out to be a badly installed
winch, higher up on the cabin top. 
    Here's the tip: mix some red food coloring with water; pour the
mixture on the deck at the lowest point (near the gate?) if you see no
red coloring below, go to the next highest point and so on until you
find the leak. Often it's a long way from where you expected. This
worked  for me. Good luck.

Ken Rodmell
C&C 35 II 

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