{Stus-List} GPS reciever for 64 bit Windows

Rick Brass rickbrass at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 9 17:05:12 EST 2009

Thanks Dennis, Ken, and Colin for the information.

I just bought a BU-353 GPS receiver on EBay for $36.95. When it comes in 3
or 4 days, I suppose I'll be back on the list asking for advice on how to
set it up to work with SeaClear on 64 bit Vista.

Part of me loves having a newer, faster laptop. Then again, part of me hates
the changes involved in having a newer, faster laptop.

In the mean time, is anyone interested in a copy of Microsoft Streets &
Trips 2007 software and a lightly used DeLorme Earthmate GPS antenna (which
works fine with XP) before I put it on E-Bay?

Rick Brass
Washington, NC

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I use a BU-353 with Vista and it works fine.


On 12/5/09, Ken Heaton <kenheaton at gmail.com> wrote:
> According to this website, the Globalsat BU-353 USB  receiver  works fine
> 64 bit Wondows 7:
> That is a very useful forum.
> Ken H.
> On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 12:32 AM, Dennis C. <captbuy at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Rick,
>> I use a Globalsat BU-353 USB  receiver with XP.  Just went to the
>> Globalsat
>> website and although I couldn't find any specific info on its
>> compatibility
>> with Vista or Windows 7 they do show a driver download for Vista on the
>> BU-353 download page.
>> Dennis C.
>> Touche' 35-1 #83
>> Mandeville, LA
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>> *From:* Rick Brass <rickbrass at earthlink.net>
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>>  I have a DeLorme Earthmate GPS USB gps receiver that I got with a copy
>> Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007, and which I had used in the past with
>> IBM laptop running Windows XP to provide input for SeaClear and for Rand
>> McNally Streets and Maps. (The Rand McNally software came bundled with a
>> Navman RS232 antenna, but my last couple of generations of laptops have
>> not
>> had RS232 ports; hence the USB antenna.)
>> My newest Toshiba laptop is 64 bit Vista, and sees the GPS antenna as a
>> “Human Interface Device” (mouse). “Aha” says I. “ I need and updated
>> driver.”
>> No such luck. DeLorme says they have no driver for 64 bit Vista ot
>> 7, and do not plan to develop one. (They do have a driver that works for
>> XP
>> and 32 bit Vista).
>> Has anyone had any experience in finding a USB gps antenna that will work
>> with 64 bit Vista or Windows 7? I’d like to find a USB antenna rather
>> try to find a USB to RS232 adapter and a suitable driver for Vista,
>> that would probably have to be my fall back plan.
>> Rick Brass
>> Washing ton, NC
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