{Stus-List} Sails...the last time I promise!

Bill Bina billbina at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 11 22:14:46 EST 2009

I don't know what kind of sailing you do, but Clarke Bassett at Kappa 
Sails in Westbrook, CT is currently building a new headsail for my 27-5. 
He owns a C&C 27. He made my Main sail, and I didn't even bother to 
check with anyone else.

Bill Bina

Brent Driedger wrote:
> Ok ok ok I know how these sail threads typically end but I have one 
> more question. Quantum has a new product called Fusion MX which is a 
> mix between their fusion x and fusion M headsails. They appear to be a 
> nice design but since they were only released last summer there is no 
> feedback on their performance. Has anyone here seen or used a Quantum 
> MX sail?
> And just to add to that, if you... yes you were to go out and buy a 
> new headsail and you had to choose a long distance supplier because 
> there is no local loft of any kind, what would it be and why.
> Thanks folks
> Brent Driedger
> C&C 27 MKV
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