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If you can get to the wiring for the pump motor, you might be able to replace the internal pressure switch with an external one.  Whale makes an inline pressure switch which sells for about $40.   You might find one at an RV store.


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I haver a SHURFlo extreme series 5.7 pump that did the same thing. The pressure sensor went out, probably a three-cent piece, that rendered the otherwise very good pump useless. IN my case the pressure switch was discontinued by the manufacturer a number of years ago (gee, I wonder why?) and SHURFlo had to reengineer the pump with a new type of pressure switch. It will cost me about $200 to replace the fresh water pump in the spring. Of course the warranty had expired but in my mind this failure was due to a design defect and not regular use. Guess that's why you pay all this money for 'BOAT' parts.

For winterization we simply blew the water out of the lines similar to how they do it for underground water sprinklers. No antifreeze either.


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Two weeks ago I went out for my last sail of the season on the upper Chesapeake Bay and the Par water pump would not work. This is a new problem and I did not think much about it until last weekend when I went to winterize the boat for the season. I leave Frolic II (1979 36' cb) in the water for the season as the slip has an excellent bubble system and our winters have not been severe for the last few years.  I ususally run the pump to empty the water tank and then add a gallon or so of the pink stuff and pump it through the various outlets in the head, galley, and cockpit shower - both hot and cold. Obviously, with no pump I have another issue on my hands - I was going to the boat today and pump air through the system using the reverse outlet of the vacumn cleaner, unfortunately it is pouring rain and my plans changed. My question to the group is - has anyone had a similar problem with the Par pump and solved the problem? I have a circuit switch on the
 bulkhead in the galley (in addition to the fuse on the electric panel). I replaced the fuse with the switch in the off position and had power to the switch, when I flipped the switch on the fuse blew. Is there any additional electric breaker on the pump, I do not have the manual and to get to the pump physically is a task that I am trying to avoid.

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