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Saw on the news last night Santa received his official briefing in a
conference room at NORAD yesterday and all looks clear...  He is #1 for all
approaches of the over 7k flights next Thursday.

For those interested his progress may be tracked on:

pop top...   Have people in their 30's and younger ask what that was.  You
are in the right place for that song.

12*F on Long Island Sound this morning.  Can't image what you folks in the
real North have.


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Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want....

A new LPG tank - because the guy here in Culebra thought mine was too
rusty to refill (even though it's still within its certification date)

New flip flops - mine are starting to blow out and I'm worried that
I'll step on a pop top, cut my heel and have to cruise on back home.

New cockpit speakers - because the cheapo Walmart ones that have sat
comfortably - unmounted - on deck all the way from Toronto to Tortola
decided to go for a swim on a simple 15nm motor sail from Nanny Cay to
Cruz Bay on St. John.

A new shower sump pump - because my fairly new jabsco pump seems
pooched (and the crew's complaining about my scent)

Some local knowledge on lobstering spots outside the BVI's - The only
lobster we've seen have been at Virgin Gorda and you're not allowed to
snare them there.

More amphours - you can never have enough.

More beer 'coozies' - it's hot down here and we've got to keep the beer

Overall though Santa, things are pretty good here so I don't need too much.

When you come this year, you'll need to know that we're not in our
normal spot in Toronto.  Currently we're at 18 18.816N, 65 13.885W and
while we'll probably move around a little bit before Christmas, we'll
keep the Christmas lights lit on Christmas eve so you can find us and
we'll also leave the hatches open so you can drop below and leave the
presents at the mast base (which we'll decorate as a tree)

See you next week Santa

Your friend
Bojangles IV

P.S. - Watch out for the rigging when you land on deck.  Bojangles is
a ketch rig and there are a lot of cables aloft.  I'd hate for one of
the reindeer to get clotheslined on final approach.

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