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OK....everbody in the "Geogian Pool"!!!

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Hello Richard,
Please do not even consider the coast of Georgia. We are way too crowded, 
expensive dockage, not sailor friendly, high taxes, 8 foot tides, mosquitos, 
noseeums, hurricanes, Hilton Head, palmetto bugs (called cock roaches 
elswhere) tourists and way too many recently relocated Yankees. 
Good luck in Florida.
Jack Fitzgerald
Savannah, GA
C&C 39 TM

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  agree with Dennis that the Gulf Coast of Florida also a great place for 
  retirement cruising, but my preferred location would be in the Tarpon Springs, 
  Port Richey, Hudson area about 45 miles north of Tampa Bay. The lifestyle is a 
  lot less frenetic than on the east coast of Florida. Relatively low housing 
  costs, and you can get a house with a slip out back that is on a canal a few 
  minutes off the Gulf. Not much wind, generally. And you need to travel a bit 
  up and down the coast to find destinations. But the beaches and the water are 
  found our home for retirement cruising in the sounds of North Carolina. We 
  live on Pamlico Sound, near Washington. Chesapeake Bay (which is a marvelous 
  cruising ground where we intend to spend our summers) is about two days up the 
  ICW. The Bahamas are about 5 days south if you go offshore, and a bit over two 
  weeks if you take the ICW and hurry along. Our plan is to summer in the 
  Chesapeake or Long Island Sound and winter in the Keys or Bahamas. Until then, 
  there are a lot of destinations, coves, and creeks to explore in the Pamlico, 
  Neuse, and Albemarle. Next spring we may take a week or so and go to 
  area we’re in is essentially rural and housing costs a pretty reasonable. 
  Waterfront housing prices are still inflated from all the Yankee retirees who 
  decided to move here over the last 10 years, but sale prices are coming down. 
   A slip for my 38 runs around $240 a month in the local marinas – it’s 
  more down along the ocean front towns between Beaufort and Wilmington. I 
  belong to a local country club and Marina where my monthly is about $240 for 
  two slips, power, water, one dinner a month as forced spending and the dues 
  (including golf if I played more than once a year.) The high today was 56 
  (though cloudy and windy). We have an occasional stretch of mid-20s at night 
  during the winter, and is snow about once a year. Our last hurricane was 
  Isabel in 2005 or 2006, so we’re overdue – but I bet you’ve lost more days to 
  snow in the last year than I have to Hurricanes in the last 
  you’re interested in more information, let me know off 
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  retirement sailing?

We sail in New England, 
        specifically out of the Mystic River. We sail to Block Island, Martha's 
        Vineyard, Newport, Long Island, etc. As we approach retirement(?) we are 
        wondering where in the US we could relocate if we want to enjoy a longer 
        sailing season (year-round?) AND have some good sailing 

Meg & 

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