{Stus-List} Water down the mast

Bill Connon billconnon at globetrotter.net
Tue Dec 29 15:06:06 EST 2009

Allan Rheaume wrote:
> I'm tempted to install a garboard drain as a few others at our club 
> did. Every year we have an "ice thawing" party on board, usually 
> around mid January. I plug in the shorepower and bring: 2 space 
> heaters (for us), many gallons of water, a ghettoblaster and lots of 
> beer. I heat the water on the stove and pour it over the ice in the 
> bilge, pump and then repeat many times until the bilge is empty. When 
> done I pump some more antifreeze through the bilge pump. This whole 
> process usually takes around 6 hours or so, we're usually pretty 
> beered out by then.
> Allan Rheaume
> Drumroll, Montreal
> 1988 30 Mk II

I used to do the same thing as you but several years ago I placed a 750 
watt block heater in a can which I suspend in the bilge. Yesterday 
morning around 9:00 AM I went aboard and found that my anti-freeze was 
diluted and had turned into fairly solid ice. I plugged in the heater 
and battery charger and then went away for several hours. When I went 
back at 2:00 PM the ice was melted and the batteries were fully charged. 
I removed the water and replaced with pure plumbers anti-freeze. With 
any luck and less rain I'll be good for the rest of the winter.

Caprice 1
Eastern Quebec - pretty much the same climate as you but a bit colder. 
If I was still drinking beer - yours might be the better solution.

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