{Stus-List} How much difference does weight make?

Jim Watts jimwatts at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 30 18:41:21 EST 2009

According to Sailcalc, it takes 1337 lbs to sink your boat 1", so if you were riding 3" low, you better get your crew on a serious diet. 

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III

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  David brings up an interesting subject.  Perhaps some of you have had some practical experience with removing weight from your boat.

  Before our Astoria to Newport  race I lightened the boat by removing all of the junk.  After several trips from the boat to the van, I noticed that the boat seemed to be riding a tad higher from the water line.  After the crew of eight brought all of their stuff aboard, the boat was riding somewhat lower.  

  At the start of the race, the competition seemed to do better than average against us.  Also, during several hours of light air sailing during the race, the boat seemed to  be a bit sluggish.

  After the crew left the boat, I noticed a water line mark on the hull that we picked up while moored in Newport harbor.  It was about three inches higher than the water line in the slip.

  On another occasion, we were sailing with several other boats that usually  pull away from us.  During this race, the difference was that we were racing with about half of the crew we usually have on board.

  There is no doubt in  my mind that the more weight you carry in the boat the slower you will go.  But, in our boats, does it really make that much difference?  I mean, Cool Change carry's around 18,000 lbs.  Can less than 1,000 lbs. difference in weight make that much difference? 

  Has anyone else had similar experiences or is this all in my mind?

  Frank Noragon
  S/V Cool Change
  C&C 38 LF, S/N:001
  Rose City Yacht Club
  Portland, Oregon

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    Subject: {Stus-List} removal/ repair 38' MK I...then boat bucks...now boatjunk...

    When we prepared for the 2009 Marion-Bermuda Race I emptied the whole boat out and started from scratch.  Wow!  The space that I was wasting and the room that opened up was eye-opening.  In addition, the additional weight caused speed loss, fuel consumption, and clogged up valuable space.  I found a few cool things along the way too.

    It was a great exercise in determining what is important and storing the important things where you can get to them quickly...using a storage diagram of course.

    David F. Risch
    (401) 419 4650 cell
    1981 40-2


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