{Stus-List} Now A Great Year For Beemer

Peter Deppisch peter.deppisch at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 31 12:22:28 EST 2009

Hi Bob,
S/V Tangerine
Lion's Head, Ontario

rcaughran at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> 2009 has not been a great year for Beemer, our C&C 29 Mk II.  While 
> enjoying a wonderful blusterly January sail (in Oklahoma), one of my 
> crew went below and called up that there was about water down below.  
> We were heeled over about 20 degrees so little water was getting into 
> the bilge.  We got back in safely.  The bilge pump was cycling every 
> four minutes.  The marina pulled the boat the next day to find a six 
> inch crack opened up where the forward keel stub meets the hull.  
> Picture the C&C smile, not at the keel joint to the hull, but where 
> the stub meets the hull. 
> Four months later, the marina finally made repair to the crack (three 
> big boat bucks).  One month after back in the water, on another 
> wonderfully windy day in a race where we were finally leading, the 
> same crew member came up again, deja vu, saying we were taking on 
> water again. 
> Beemer pulled again to find the repaired crack had opened up in the 
> same place.  Patience gone, I contacted a marine surveyor who 
> specialized in infered thermography to perform IR on Beemer to find 
> exactly where the damage is so we can get it repaired correctly.  The 
> results are very interesting and scary.  First, the repair was not 
> feathered the appropriate distance, weakening the area.  Second, there 
> is an 18 inch area of delamination midway on the port side of the keel 
> stub.  Third, there was a previous repair to the mast step done by PO 
> in 2003 that has failed.  Basically, it appears like the keel was 
> swinging back and forth.
> After months of waiting for the IR and now a trailer to transport 
> Beemer to a shop in town that may be able to fix her, it now looks 
> like I may be transferred to Corpus Christi in February. 
> This long prelude finally gets me to my question:
> Considering the possible move to Corpus Christi and the potentially 
> superior fiberglass repair locations that may be present in the 
> Houston to Corpus area, would I be better off shipping the boat down 
> to Texas and having the repair done there?  The shop in Tulsa comes 
> with positive recommendations, although I do not know how much 
> knowledge they have of the structural demands placed by a 3K pound 
> keel on the keel stub.
> Thanks and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Bob Caughran
> S/V Beemer
> C&C 29 Mk II
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