{Stus-List} Impeller Problem?

John D. Miller jdmil4 at wm.edu
Sat Feb 7 17:59:29 EST 2009

Dear All-

At high RPM, the flow of water with the exhaust on my Landfall 38 (with a 
Westerbeke W27) ceases. At idle to about 1500 it pushes water, but the closer I 
get to 2000, it diminishes, and then ultimately cuts off.

I noticed this problem after doing a test after replacing the woodruff key on the 
impeller. I checked the strainer and the muffler (for sediment--it'd been a 
couple of months since starting her up) and all was okay--I ran the engine with 
a hose in the raw water filter, and it was drawing water, so I'm wondering where 
or what the problem is. Could it be an old impeller? I put the old one back in, 
and it's turning, but at higher rpm do older ones not work as well? 

Any other advice/thoughts on things I ought to try?

Many thanks!


Landfall 38
Hilton Head, SC

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