{Stus-List} Diesel leak at secondary filter housing - 3GM30F

Rich Knowles rk at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 1 07:01:28 EDT 2009

Try a couple of wraps of teflon tape, the diesel variety with the  
yellow packaging. If that fails to hold the ring in place, get the  
ring off the boat, drill and tap and 8/32 hole in the side and put in  
a short screw that you can tighten against the housing to prevent it  
turning. You may find with a careful inspection that the ring is  

Rich Knowles
Halifax, NS.

On 1-Jun-09, at 1:09 AM, David Blair wrote:

Has anyone experienced the tightening ring on the secondary filter  
housing working itself lose after 2 or 3 hours of running time? After  
the first episode(which was after a filter change and bleeding) and  
getting back to the dock a qualified mechanic checked and reinstalled  
the filter, etc again. Seemed good, but 3 running hours later its  
worked itself loose again, more diesel in the bilge.. Threads look  
good (ie: don't appear stripped), Yanmar authentic filter element  
carefully centred and ring threaded fully up and hand tight, etc.

Any suggestions?
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