{Stus-List} 3-strand vs. Double Braid for anchor rode

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Chafe is NOT your friend.  I learned the hard way several years ago.  I was sitting out a tropical storm in a good lee when the wind swung and the boat started bouncing in 2-3 foot seas.  The anchor rode parted at the chock.  If anybody wants a nice Danforth Hi-Tensile 22, some chain and about 100 feet of nylon rode, it's at approximately 30 20.26N 87 07.13W.  :(

Some say nylon rodes part due to the heat of chafing or stretching.  I don't know.  All I know is that now I always put on chafe protectors if any waves are expected.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA

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Hi Ken,

Hoo boy. It might be best to trash this message right now. I may have an unconventional approach to anchoring.

Chafe is a buggar for the rode and stretch is good for easing shock loads on the system. Unfortunately, if you have stretch in the rode you have chafe! It's that simple.
The thimble is supposed to prevent chafe at the chain shackle... until it turns under severe conditions and gnaws through the rode.
The bow roller is supposed to move and prevent chafe in that area (in very high load situations it may stop moving.... really!).
Faith in that system will spec a 3-strand rode with a nicely spliced closed thimble. If insisted, I would  have to recommend a plaited rode and proven chain splice.

My system tries to eliminate chafe. It is a 1/2" balanced double braid polyester (core & cover share the load) with an anchor bend to shackle and 6 fathoms o' chain and an 18 Kg (36 lbs) Delta over a bow roller. In windy conditions, already at maximum practical scope,  I camel-hitch a bridle to the rode, unload the rode and belay to the mooring cleats on both sides. It reduces yawing and in the event of chafe, the boat will noticeably move sideways and we're still attached to the rode by two points.
I have a kellet on a messenger to provide "implied stretch" for the rough conditions, no need for a stretchy rode.

Beware. Chafe will arrive at the worst possible moment... when it's too damn uncomfortable to go on deck and greet 'im.

        Cheers, Russ
        35 mk-1

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