{Stus-List} Diesel leak at secondary filter housing - 3GM30F

John and Maryann Read johnpread at comcast.net
Mon Jun 1 07:37:27 EDT 2009


Are you referring to the filter mounted on the engine that is hard to get at
and has several proud surfaces?

My mechanic recommended install hand tight, then a gentle tap with a hammer
to a screwdriver placed against the holding nut indentation.  Works like a

John & Maryann Read

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  Has anyone experienced the tightening ring on the secondary filter housing
working itself lose after 2 or 3 hours of running time? After the first
episode(which was after a filter change and bleeding) and getting back to
the dock a qualified mechanic checked and reinstalled the filter, etc again.
Seemed good, but 3 running hours later its worked itself loose again, more
diesel in the bilge.. Threads look good (ie: don't appear stripped), Yanmar
authentic filter element carefully centred and ring threaded fully up and
hand tight, etc.

  Any suggestions?
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