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I'll wait for Russ to answer but I think a 1.5 inch ID collar will work.  McMaster shows them in 303 and 316 stainless.  They might be a bit thinner than original at 9/16 inch thick.  We need to measure the original.  I'd also consider measuring the existing vertical positioning of the rudder shaft somehow before starting any work on this system.

I looked at Touche's collar this weekend.  Fairly rusty but did not look overly deteriorated.  The set screws looked clean.  I'm due a haul out soon.  I'll consider adding this to the work list.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
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So you did this in the water using a jack under the quadrant?
Does McMaster have these in the right size or was this just to show what they are?
Joe Della Barba
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Hi Joe,

It needs replacing! I did mine a couple o' years ago. 

The source was my local bearing shop, a stainless steel beauty for less than $40.
It's called a two piece clamp-on shaft collar (pay the extra for stainless steel):

Measure carefully... it is not a common industrial shaft size. 

I used a small bottle jack (no real pressure)  under the hub of the quadrant to support the rudder and hacksaw'd the collar off. I didn't want a bunch of grinding dust to deal with. Use a high quality blade <insert Starrett ad>. Surprising how well it went. There was a plastic material bearing piece between the collar & shaft  log that I left in place (eventually renewed after I dropped the rudder during a re-fit).

        Cheers, Russ
        35 mk-1

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Underneath my quadrant is what seems to be a steel/iron collar about an inch tall that has a few setscrews in it. This thing has been rusting away now for decades and may need replacing soon.
1 – What is it?
2 – How does it come off? Can it be done in the water?
3 – Where do I get another one?
4 – Does it have to be metal? Maybe I can get one made of HDPE. I got my upper rudder bearing made out of that last year and it works great.
Joe Della Barba
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