{Stus-List} rudder help 35 MK I

Russ & Melody russmel at telus.net
Mon Jun 1 13:22:00 EDT 2009

Hi Joe,

I did it on the hard, but without "outside or going outside" help. The 
bottle jack is used to unload the collar just a very wee bit... less than 
1/16". I also had wooden block & wedges in case I needed to unload jack and 
turn shaft, but didn't need then.
Since you have 40% wastage... it won't take much to hacksaw the rest of it.

The McMaster link was to show you what they are and tell the counter dude. 
I used my local industrial bearing supply house, B.C. Bearing, wonderful 
company (worldwide now, doancha know).

You need the exact size, the collar realize on friction to do the job so it 
needs maximum contact surface. Any smaller size will just give you two 
contact points.
Use a caliper and write down the size in thousands of an inch... if you're 
talking to someone, it's the language they speak:
If you don't have/can't borrow a caliper then try a C-clamp across the 
shaft and then measure the gap of the C-clamp. It will be an odd size, 
ending as a "/32" or "/16" of an inch (I'll measure my shaft when I'm at 
the boat again.)

         Cheers, Russ
         35 mk-1

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>So you did this in the water using a jack under the quadrant?
>Does McMaster have these in the right size or was this just to show what 
>they are?
>Joe Della Barba

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