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Mon Jun 1 13:49:29 EDT 2009

As to the questions about the mild steel collar on the rudder post...

Underneath my quadrant is what seems to be a steel/iron collar about an inch tall that has a few setscrews in it. This thing has been rusting away now for decades and may need replacing soon.
1 – What is it?
    It is the bearing surface that supports the whole weight of the rudder and quadrant. I don't believe that the quadrant can form the bearing surface on top of the rudder tube (the alignment with the sheaves will be wrong).

2 – How does it come off? Can it be done in the water?
    Mine came off with a Sawzall. Completely rusted in place, none of the setscrews would operate and the collar was very wasted. And this was in 1992! Not that it is 18 or so years later, you might need small explosives to get the collar off. The monkey (not me) running the Sawzall actually starting cutting into the rudder post while performing his little magic show inches from the gas (Atomic-4) tank. If you do resort to a Sawzall - be damned careful about what you cut and where the sparks go.
    I'd be very hesitant to do this in the water. The rudder assembly is about 120-140 lbs. And has been noted, if the rudder post slips below the top bearing, you'll have a hell of a time raising the assembly and realigning it from the horrible position you have to work in back there.

3 – Where do I get another one?
   I like the idea of the McMaster-Carr two-piece collar. When my collar was replaced, it was with a one-piece (like the original) and of course required dropping the rudder, removing the quadrant, and wishing for a long-term gift certificate for a masseuse. Go with stainless without a doubt though I don't think 304 vs 316 will make a big difference in this application.

4 – Does it have to be metal? Maybe I can get one made of HDPE. I got my upper rudder bearing made out of that last year and it works great.
   The upper bearing only has to deal with side-thrust loads as it is there to keep the rudder post aligned with the rudder tube. The bottom bearing is completely weight-bearing and I very much doubt that HDPE is up to the task.

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