{Stus-List} Rocna vs Manson - FWIW

Bill Coleman coltrek at verizon.net
Tue Jun 2 10:29:57 EDT 2009

Last fall I got my friend (who has gone to the dark side) a Manson, and
asked why he didn't have a Rocna after hearing Wally's post - He pulled this
from the Trawler list:
Because the Manson is virtually the same thing, yet much cheaper.  The
Manson people are just down the street from Rocna.  There has been quite the
pissing contest going on between these two for some time now.

>From Cruisers Forum:

As one of the very few that actually owns BOTH a Rocna and a Manson Supreme
I feel I am one of the few can actually and honestly answer this question.

#1 They both perform better than any other anchor I've owned including other
new generation anchors like the Supermax, and both aluminum and steel

#2 Both my Rocna and Manson Supreme have set on the first try 100% of the
time and it's always within feet not yards.

#3 When backing down to set them they both stop the boat like you are tied
to a concrete piling!

#4 The Rocna is a better constructed anchor and is built more robustly. Will
you ever break a Manson? I doubt it but I anchor in areas where granite was
quarried off islands. I have more than once been stuck on granite tailings.
I feel the Ronca will survive a "tidal lift" better than my Manson due to
it's more robust construction.

If having a better built anchor appeals to you buy the Rocna if you anchor
in mostly soft bottoms with minimal rock buy the Manson.. 

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