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Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 2 16:36:54 EDT 2009

No experience with with the West brand, but I did some fairly extensive RIB
research earlier this year and ended up going with the Walker Bay 310 (3.1
meters).  So far, I'm happy with it and (allowing for exchange rates that
are moving all over the place again) I paid around what you're looking at
Check it out here
<http://walkerbay.com/products/genesis/genesis_deluxe_features.html> .  I
went with the deluxe model, but the "lite" model can be had for about $500
less as I recall.



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Does anyone have experience with the West Marine 11'2" RIB? Looks like it's
very reasonably priced at around $2,700, which makes me suspicious
considering the same size Zodiac is around $3,200 at Defender. Also West
claims theirs is hypalon and the Zodiac is PVC. Thanks all.


John Garth

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