{Stus-List} Vancouver information (Leslie Paal)

Barry Mason barry.mason at ubc.ca
Tue Jun 2 22:37:03 EDT 2009

Hi Leslie,

We live in Vancouver (downtown West End).  You could take public  
transit if your travelling light  Its easy and cheap but will require  
several transfers.  If you're not traveling light I suggest a cab.   
At that time of day I would estimate $35 CDN depending on where along  
Hastings you're going.

For Saturday morning, given that you are leaving in early afternoon  
from Canada Place, I recommend renting a bike from one of many bike  
rental places in the Denman St and Robson St. area (its not  
expensive) and cycle around Stanley Park and the seawall.  Take a  
picnic and find a cozy spot.  There is great picnic food at Capers on  
Robson which is located close to the bike rental places.

The lookout building is Harbour Centre and its very close to Canada  

Other options that are good include a walk around Granville Island or  
there are trolley tours of Vancouver if that's your speed.

As you cruise under the Lion's Gate bridge in the early evening  
picture my family motoring under the bridge into a stiff wind during  
a strong ebb in our C&C 25.  It may not seem like it from your cruise  
ship but we had green water over the bow as there are very steep  
standing waves under those conditions.  Spicy indeed!  :-)



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