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One great thing we did in Vancouver is take the Seabus to North
Vancouver, take the tram to the top of the ski area there   and have a
Beer at the Lodge porch overlooking downtown Vancouver.   We then took a
helicopter ride from the ski area  thru the mountains.   A great trip
and not too expensive.   Not sure whether they still have that. 

Tom C.
1988 C&C 30 mk 2

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this is obliquely C&C related....  :-)

I'll be in Vancouver later this month for a short time.  Arriving Friday
(19 Jun) evening, leaving Saturday afternoon. 

1)  As we'll be arriving after the Airporter shuts down; what choices do
we have to get to E Hastings St (near downtown).  I did not find shuttle
(van) services looking on line, such as SuperShuttle here.  Do they
exist?  Also, about what is the approximate taxi fare from the airport

2)  We have the morning for sightseeing on Saturday.  What can we
visit/see without much hassle?  (The www.tourismvancouver.com is not
very helpful.  Long search to find the name or location of the tall
lookout building came up empty...)  Early afternoon we board a cruise at
Canada Place.  

C&C related:  we hope to see a C&C from the lookout!  ;-)



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