{Stus-List} Window Replacement

Brent Driedger brentmd at highspeedcrow.ca
Thu Jun 4 00:07:04 EDT 2009

Hi folks.

I had to bite the bullet here and replace the windows with the same  
ones that came out. They are a little crazed but I couldn't justify  
the $500 quote I got from one supplier. I've already sank twice my  
yearly upgrade budget on this boat this year so convincing the  
treasurer that I had to change the windows would have caused a storm  

s/v Wild Rover
27 MkV
On 3-Jun-09, at 10:39 PM, Richard & Carol Arper wrote:

> I have read several comments recently about window replacement.
> I have a 1980 C&C 34, and was wondering what kind of material people  
> are using for replacement windows, and what thickness is used.
> Richard Arper
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