{Stus-List} Looking for a knowledgeable surveyor in Perth Amboy, NJ area

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Usually the smile is not a significant issue.  Many on this list have experienced it, have it and/or have repaired it.  Most believe the cure for recurrence is proper keelbolt torque.  Torque specs can be found at:  http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/doityourself/torquebolts/torquebolts.htm.   Once properly torqued, the keel should draw up solidly to the hull stub and have no movement.

As for the fix, once you've properly torqued the keelbolts, test the joint to see if it's "crumbly".  If so, dig out most of the crumbly stuff, fill the area with a good epoxy/fiber mix.  Next, sand and prep the hull and keel at the joint. If you expose lead, you can coat it with epoxy using a 3M scrubbing pad.  Scrub the epoxy on to the lead.  Applying with an epoxy laden pad will remove any incidental oxidation and prevent new oxidation from forming thus ensuring a good bond (Thanks, Wal).  Then epoxy some good quality biaxial tape (4 inch wide) along the joint.  See:  http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/doityourself/smile/index.htm for an example of one smile repair.

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I have a C&C 36 (1979), which has 2 apparent problems: the “smile” at the deck/keel joint, which appears to be fairly large (approx. 1/16”- 1/8”) and small cracks in the filler at the turn of the bilge.  
Looking for an advice from a knowledgeable surveyor, as well as general opinions/ideas from boat owners.
Information on both subjects (name of surveyor) and general comments/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

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