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any update on dredging?  Offsoundings regatta is next week, any news and/or opinions on channel depth?

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The smile is "normal" if it's the the filler between the hull and keel. If it is "filler" it may crack because the fillers have little flex in their composition. If the boat has always been local, there is a good chance that there was some keel fairing done years ago. My boat is on the hard at Lockwoods Boat yard. I'll be down there Sat  a.m. and most the day Sunday.  

Jack Cornish
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Subject: {Stus-List} Looking for a knowledgeable surveyor in Perth Amboy, NJ area

I have a C&C 36 (1979), which has 2 apparent problems: the “smile” at the deck/keel joint, which appears to be fairly large (approx. 1/16”- 1/8”) and small cracks in the filler at the turn of the bilge.  

Looking for an advice from a knowledgeable surveyor, as well as general opinions/ideas from boat owners.

Information on both subjects (name of surveyor) and general comments/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,



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