{Stus-List} Leaking Gate? - repair/replace?

Nate Flesness nate at isis.org
Sun Jun 7 16:27:24 EDT 2009

On my first shakedown cruise of the year (25-30 knots of breeze, 10
knots - new record hullspeed), I just found a leaky head freshwater
intake gate? valve on my freshwater 1980 30-1. It is located under the
sink in the head. I say "gate?" because it has a lever with 2-3" throw,
unlike any other valve I've seen on my boat (plumbing type round handled
shutoff valves). The leaky valve is screwed into a thru hull which looks
to taper from 3/4" at the hull to 1/2" threads which go up into the
leaky valve.

The drips are coming from the valve itself, the end opposite the handle,
which has a 6-sided "nut" fitting. I tried tightening this as tight as I
dared, made no difference. Boat is now in the water (after a long
winter), unfortunately a 4 hour drive away. Bilge pump currently keeping
up with drip drip easily......

Two questions:

1. Can anyone tell me what I'll find if I unscrew the valve nut (besides
a lot of cold Lake Superior coming in)? Is there a chance I can
grease/tighten this valve and it will fix the leak?
2.  Anyone know where to find a replacement or improvement?

Many thanks as always for the shared knowledge on this amazing list,

"Sarah Jean"
Conucopia, WI

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