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Symmetrical teak handrails are not hard to make if you can find teak long enough and have or can borrow a couple of common woodworking tools.  Here's the general process.

1. Find a piece of teak long enough and a bit wider than twice the height of your handrail
2. Create the loops by drilling holes with an appropriately sized hole saw and then connect the holes using a jigsaw and guide
3. Create the end rounds with a jigsaw
3. Use a router to round the loop holes, end rounds and the tops
4. Saw the piece in half on a table saw to make two handrails. If the bases have an angle, just tilt the saw blade.

Dennis C.
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I am in the same situation. I would like to replace mine in kind and keep the look. I have been looking and cannit find anywhere to get a teak handrail the length of mine. I am considering going with splitting it in 2 and having the open space between the 2. I have seen this on other boats and it looks just as nice.
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Rey, I replaced mine with stainless steel.  Looks nice and requires no maintenance.   


C&C 3 CB

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Hello to everyone:
I have to replace the deck hand rails on my 1981 C&C 36.  They measure 82 inches long.
If anyone can tell me where I can buy a pair, I would greatly appreciate it.
Rey G.
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