{Stus-List} Disimilar Metals

Ronald B. Frerker rbfrerker at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 8 18:18:46 EDT 2009

I checked the old electromotive series and don't find much difference between iron and nickel (.4 vs .3).  And given the iron is stainless, would probably make them even closer.
Given the insulator value, probably doesn't matter which.
But either way, worth keeping an eye on to see what happens.
Any other chemists out there with more specific knowledge?
Wild Cheri

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> Won't matter if you use
> "tefgel"  sp????
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> wrote:
> We came across a small piece of boating equipment in 2
> different metals -- stainless steel and Nickel-plated
> steel.  This item is to be mounted on aluminum.
> What reaction can we expect in years to come and
> should we use stainless steel screws to mount it.  
> Stainless steel costs $23.00.  Nickel-plate costs
> $1.45.
> Stu


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