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Mon Jun 8 19:05:07 EDT 2009

I guess I should have been more explicit.

The item is called a "halyard J hook" manufactured by C.S. Johnson Marine.  It is installed near the end of the spreaders and you flick your halyard around the hook and the shackle to the base of the mast.  This keeps the halyards away from the mast and stops that annoying halyard slap in the middle of the night.  We installed one and it really works -- no bungee cords to break or rot.

Lee Valley has a similar item in their hardware catalog made of nickel-plated steel and they look identical except for material.  The photo appears to have plating inside the machined holes indicating they may be manufactured and then plated instead of drilling through the plating.


http://www.csjohnson.com/marinecatalog/00048.htm   last item on the page

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