{Stus-List} Garmin instruments

Don don31 at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 9 08:14:36 EDT 2009

I bought the Gamin 545s chart plotter last year then used it to go from Toronto to the Bahamas. The version of software it came with was out of date, but upgrading was easy via a download from Garmin and my computer. This change significantly enhanced the chartplotter's ability to receive GPS data.

The 545s came with the explorer charts for the Bahamas. Although it was off by a hundred yards in some of the canals of the Erie and ICW; it was within a few feet in the coastal waters and Bahamas. I was very pleased to have it.

I installed the inside puck transducer and found it accurate.
I have found the 545s to be excellent and the Garmin tech folk are always helpful.

I am about to purchase an autopilot and replace all my instruments. If Garmin had an autopilot for sailboats, I would buy everything from Garmin.

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