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That is  a novel idea, and bungee cords are on my current list, seems my foredeck looses a few a year. Most of the halyards would be on the forward edge of the spreader, tho, I would be worried about catching either a flogging jib on it or other unintended lines - which side do you have them on?
And I see what you mean, not much to them, I would have a hard time spending 20 bucks on a pair of them as well. 


The only reason I installed one was because it was given to me.  It was just by coincidence that I found similar one in Lee Valley catalog.

I installed 1 on the forward side of the starboard spreader -- about 8" from the end.  Right now the spin uphaul lines (2) and the spin halyard are in it.  I've used Joe's trick of shackling the lines to the toe rail and/or life-lines and bungee cords to move the lines away from the mast.  This hook means the halyards stay in one place and don't have to be relocated when going sailing.

Just another goodie to spend boat bucks on.  Now I can use my bungee cords on the boat next door.

p.s. the s/s ones were $23.00 each!!!!
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