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I bought a Garmin GPSMAP 180 in 2000.  Sent it in to be repaired less  than 
a year later, they sent it back.  I sent it back to them with the same  
malfunction a week later.  They sent me a different, reconditioned GPSMAP  180 
that had a different malfunction that I could live with.  Two years  later 
Garmin had a dispute with the company that was making the map chips for  the 
unit.  That didn't make much difference until I moved from Florida to  
Oregon.  Garmin will not support the GPSMAP 180 with Micro G-chart chips  and I 
am left with a bare bones GPS.  They would give me $100.00 off the  full 
price of another Garmin unit of greater value. 
Buyer Beware! 
Would I buy another Garmin?  Probably.  They do make the best  featured 
units available.
Does anyone know of a Micro G-chart for the Pacific North West for a Garmin 
 GPSMAP 180 for sale?  

Frank Noragon
S/V Cool  Change

Landfall 38, Hull  #001
Sail Number: 23723
Rose City Yacht Club
Portland,  Oregon
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