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If the luff breaks evenly and the only way to stop the flutter is tension the leech line to the point the 
leech starts to cup to windward(which is not good) I suspect the sail cut is the source of the problem. I 
wonder if insufficient head stay tension could contribute to leech flutter? Probably not the more I think 
about it. When the 135% on my 33-1 does this I use just enough leech line to stop it, at which point the 
leech is a little more cupped than I would like. This usually happens to me on a broad/beam reach, but I am 
still going fast so I don't worry about it too much.

On Tue Jun  9 11:57 , 'Ronald B. Frerker' <rbfrerker at yahoo.com> sent:

>I wouldn't use the sheet lead to effect change in leech flutter.
>The sheet lead should be adjusted so the luff breaks evenly from head to tack.  The leech line should be 
used to adjust flutter.
>Could you have cut the jib too full?
>Wild Cheri
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>> Subject: {Stus-List} trimming...
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>> Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 9:38 AM
>> Anyone have any ideas on trim? 
>> All ideas welcome, I'm trying to drive
>> my 30 Mk1 a bit faster upwind with a new sail.
>> I have a new 110% I sewed over the winter.  It's cut
>> relatively low,
>> barely clearing the lifelines.  6.5oz dacron, with a
>> sunbrella sun
>> cover.  I put my jib sheet through snatch blocks on
>> the toerail; no
>> genoa track yet.
>> When I'm going upwind with it, I get a lot of leech
>> flutter.  If I
>> move the block forward, I can stop the flutter, but now I
>> can't put
>> much tension on the foot, and I can't point as high. 
>> If I try to use
>> the leechline, I have to put a lot of force into it.
>> I've tried putting the block 7 holes forward of the cockpit
>> bulkhead
>> stancheon, and that's I think too far aft; but 4 holes in
>> front of
>> that is definitely too far forward...
>> Ideas?  
>> Plan B is: put a garhauer genoa track on this winter.
>> - Gavin
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