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Frederick G Street fred at postaudio.net
Wed Jun 10 13:09:50 EDT 2009

I ran into a similar issue with a powerboater that wanted me to figure  
out why his batteries were dead.  This was a 28-foot twin inboard  
setup with a full cabin below.  They'd go out anchoring for a couple  
of days, run lights, stereo and the fridge full time, and the  
batteries would be dead by day 2.  In checking, he had three Group 27  
batteries: one to start each engine and one for the house.  The house  
battery was deep cycle and had a nominal capacity of 100Ah.  Do the  
math: a fridge pulling 4 amps at a 50% duty cycle would use 48Ah in a  
24-hour day, basically pulling all the usable juice out of the house  
battery (figuring a recommended 50% discharge), and this is without  
lights and the stereo.

I told him that to do what he'd want, he would need to upgrade the  
house bank to at least double its current size, and preferably more.   
He also had a 10-amp (!) shorepower charger; I told him that had to be  
replaced, too.

After several hours worth of time going over and over and over the  
math, he just couldn't get why his existing battery wasn't enough.  He  
got mad, called me some names and refused to pay the bill.  Then he  
replaced his dead house battery with a cheapo from W at lm@r+ -- it  
lasted exactly one trip out overnight.  Last I heard, he had ordered a  
new, larger boat.   :^)

Fred Street -- Minneapolis
S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- Bayfield, WI

On Jun 10, 2009, at 10:49 AM, Dennis C. wrote:

> My buddy called me tonight to tell me about a boat having electrical  
> issues.  In particular, the refrigeration system wasn't operating  
> properly.  On investigation, the owner had replaced the two 4D house  
> batteries with a couple of much smaller series dual purpose  
> batteries.  Heck, batteries are batteries, right?  The owner wasn't  
> happy with having to pay my buddy a couple hours labor to tell him  
> he's a dumbass and he should go buy some 4D batteries.  (Well, I'm  
> sure he said it more tactfully.)
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