{Stus-List} Roller Furler Foil Reinforcement

Bob Moriarty bobmor99 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 14:02:56 EDT 2009

My Hood SeaFurl2 foil met a channel marker a few years ago. The channel
marker said "get bent", which it did. A few weeks ago, I hired a very
talented welder/metalworker/dock neighbor. He was able to straighten the
foil to the point where the swivel can now travel from top to bottom. The
only problem is that the joint close to the impact point is
still weakened. The swivel will stick a bit if there's any sort of fore-aft
or port-starboard force being applied to the foil in that area.

The foil has twin grooves. I'm not a headsail quick-change artist and can
get by with a single groove. So, I was thinking of reinforcing the joint by
epoxying a foot-long piece of flat bar into one of the grooves at the
damaged joint. The thickness of the flat bar would be 3/16" (#6 luff tape).
The width would be around 3/8". (None of it would stand above the groove.)

Opinions? Other ideas? First, do no harm?


Bob Moriarty
Ox 33-1
Jax, FL
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