{Stus-List} What to do with jib sheets when flying a chute and you have a RF jib

kwalters at speakeasy.net kwalters at speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 10 22:04:29 EDT 2009


The boat I crew on Wednesday nights(as bowman) has hanked on head sails. We fly a 
symmetrical chute and perform end-for-end gybes. When I gybe the chute I put the jib sheet 
on top of the pole end that is going out, followed by the new guy in the jaw and push it 
out and at the same time release the old guy and shake off the other jib sheet before 
putting the old tack end on the mast.

Tending the jib sheets like this makes it easy to fly both the chute and jib momentarily 
during launches and take downs and helps keep me from getting the strings all tangled up 
in the process.

My own C&C 33-1 has its headsail on a roller and is rigged for end-for-end spinnaker 
gybes. When furled my jib sheets are almost half way up the fore stay. My question is what 
do you folks with roller furlers do with the jib sheets when flying a spinnaker? I have 
heard that some bowman take a sail tie and lash the jib sheets to the head stay below the 
RF drum so the sheets lie on the deck. If one does this how do you raise the chute behind 
the head sail or take it down behind the head sail? I suppose if the jib sheets were long 
enough you could still run them over the pole as needed. Is this the solution or is there 
another way?


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