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I have the same Universal M4-30 as D w ight and was using Fram Ultra Guard for the last 6 years until I read a comparative essay on filters which described the inards of every brand, and just started using Puralator Gold filters on both the boat and cars.  Advance Auto Parts or Auto Zone.  I change each winter around haulout when the oil is hot, and I've been running the engine only about 30 to 40 hours each year so anything would probably work OK.  The difference between an economy filter and the best is less than five bucks, so I opt for the best and change every  year.  Keep  a spare  on board, so you're not hunting for parts at the end of the season.  During the winter buy a pair on sale.   

Funny, t he oil filter used on a Universal M4-30 is the same as the one used on my Subaru.  The electric fuel pump is the same as the one used on a Nissan pickup truck. 


Chuck, C&C 34r 

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I use NAPA Gold filters in my M4-30.  Change the oil once a season, just 
before haulout in October.  No problems yet. 

Dwight Veinot 
1974 C&C 35, Alianna 
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS 
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So, you folks with diesel engines, do you use the OEM oil filters or go with 
the NAPA filters?  Especially curious what the Universal folks do. 
Torresen wants 18$ for an oil filter and I'm not even sure if it's the 
correct one.  OTOH, the NAPA will probably run about 5$ with no shipping to 
Is the NAPA cheap, or thrifty? 
Wild Cheri 

> I (used to belong) was associated 
> with a yacht club that 
> maintained their launch ( a Tripp launch with a westerbeak 
> ) using the all too 
> affordable NAPA auto parts- no slight to NAPA- they make 
> fine parts or cars- and 
> most holiday weekends, sunday evenings, the launch was out 
> of service...the most 
> frequent cause?  failure of NAPA electrical parts, 
> starters, and other auto 
> grade repairs.  What is more expensive than a YC where 
> the launch does not 
> run...since the club is located on the shore of a usually 
> choppy river with lots 
> of (high speed) motorboat and ferry traffic, strong 
> currents and tides, a beach 
> launched dingy and 1/2 mile row just did not suit the 
> attitudes- or the physical 
> abilities of most members ad their wives. 
> Far as I can tell, they repeat 
> history year after 
> year...somehow expecting a different outcome. 
> The lesson- as this thread 
> suggests- don’t go cheap 
> (different than thrifty) on maintaining a 
> sailboat 


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