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Flake both type.  Take care to handle both sails so minimum contact, roughness or abuse is sustained. 

The absolute best way to store a laminated racing sail is to roll them so there are no creases, folds or hard spots. 

Our 150 genoas wind up with an LP of 24 feet long, which won't fit in my basement, but a 150 for a 24 footer could easily be rolled up and stored in a slender sock about 15 ft long and carried in a van.  Some sailmakers make socks just for that purpose. 

I flake my laminated racing sails so the luff is straight and then roll the clew toward the tack end to fit into their 15 ft long sausage bags. 

My #3 has battens in the clew, so I flake that sail so the leach is stacked and the luff staggard, and the battens get stacked, so I can roll the sail into it's sausage bag.  This creates a problem for hoisting.  So I need to adjust the sail on deck before hoisting.  When the sail is properly flaked, I can raise it without the winch by myself, alone.   I rig the snapschackel onto the head, take the halyard tail from the clutch around the winch and forward so I can pull it while on the foredeck, feeding the sail into the furler feeder, while hoisting.  I use the winch for the last two feet, to set the proper tension. 

I helped raise a 135% on a C&C 121 last weekend and had to fight the halyard every inch because the sail just wasn't properly flaked. 

Chuck, C&C 34r 

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Question about how the listers handle their sails when not in use. 

I have understood that flaking and rolling into a bag was OK for Dacron sails but not for laminates. 

Now I read that you shouldn't flake Dacron sails. 

What do you do when you take sails down??. How do you bag them etc.???? 

Ross MacLennan 
C&C 24, Tobermory 
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