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Hoyt, Mike Mike.Hoyt at impgroup.com
Thu Jun 11 06:31:14 EDT 2009

Venting some frustration here....
Has anyone else noticed a marked increase in availability of BLACK in silicon and adhesive sealants this year?
It is messy and ugly.  In some products teh colour is not even on the front of the package!
Bought a squeeze tub of 3M 5200 last year for work with a garbord drain.  Went to use it this season and it is BLACK - I didn't even know they made it in black.  Not only that it is not fast cure so it drips everywhere - yuck!
Went to buy a tube of 3M 4200 for a caulking gun.  All they had at that store was BLACK in both 4200 and 5200 - so I had to go elsewhere.  That store always had only white before.
After buying Sikaflex and 4200 in white elsewhere (and looking very carefully) I was looking for marine silicon for bedding instruments.  Picked up a tbe of Sikiflex (I think 291 but not sure).  read fron to packaging very carefully and it had all the properties I wanted.  Again - it was BLACK.  A very small sticker on the back of the package states BLACK in very small print.  I used it but it is messy to clean up and required Acetone to get it off my bulkhead.  Thank goodness the instrument and compass I was installing were both black.
Argh from Mike on Nut Case
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