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Thanks Dwight

About the only thing I use silicone for is to seal the instruments each
Spring.  Usually I remove the instruments in the fall and take them

You don't even want to know what I use on tracks, etc ... OK 4200
usually.  It does release but is difficult.

having just removed EVERYTHING from my deck and coachroof and the
overdrilling/epoxy/redrilling and rebedding I certainly want things
bedded properly.  And for what it is worth that is a horrible job to do.
Especially when there are close to 20 different things on the cabin top
alone of which some are tracks and handrails....

I still hate that these things come in BLACK and that the colour is not
in HUGE letters on the packaging.  Note that this morning I found a tube
of Life Seal (Boat Seal???) on the boat not opened.  Is in the squeeze
tub and seems fine - I inherited from previous owner with the boat.  I
checked carefully and it says nothing about he colour anywhere on the
tube ...

Thanks for the input. 

BTW - after a month of crappy work the boat is now ready for normal
commisioning tasks and will launch on the weekend.  Hopefully it will
rain all day on launch day to remind me I am in Nova Scotia and what the
summer will be like .....


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Varsol cleans up Sikaflex and 3M 4200 and 5200 pretty good.  I would
rather use it than acetone on my boat.  

I don't use silicone sealant on anything on my boat; I have bad
experiences with its lasting adherence except where it isn't wanted and
I would judge it a poor bedding compound.  I prefer Sikaflex 295 UV but
I did find a use for 3M 5200 on my boat (contrary to popular opinion).
I used it to fabricate my cabin top mounted instrument pod which is made
of white plexi pieces held together with 5200 and some stainless screws.
It takes about a week to cure and I needed to clamp pieces in place and
it does run and seems to yellow a bit in the sun.  I know 4200 comes in
a fast cure version, I tried some but I have very good luck with
Sikaflex, 295 UV is what I use, even at nearly $20 Cdn per tube, but I
have been able to use the same tube even months after it was first
opened...sometimes I just cut the tube and take the product out with a
putty knife if it is too hard to get it to squeeze out...OK for some

All are messy to work with so I always have Varsol and lots of rags
ready...I reglazed 2 large hatches this year with 295UV black and they
turned out great.  Time will tell more but they don't leak yet. 

Dwight Veinot
1974 C&C 35, Alianna
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS

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Venting some frustration here....
Has anyone else noticed a marked increase in availability of BLACK in
silicon and adhesive sealants this year?
It is messy and ugly.  In some products teh colour is not even on the
front of the package!
Bought a squeeze tub of 3M 5200 last year for work with a garbord drain.
Went to use it this season and it is BLACK - I didn't even know they
made it in black.  Not only that it is not fast cure so it drips
everywhere - yuck!
Went to buy a tube of 3M 4200 for a caulking gun.  All they had at that
store was BLACK in both 4200 and 5200 - so I had to go elsewhere.  That
store always had only white before.
After buying Sikaflex and 4200 in white elsewhere (and looking very
carefully) I was looking for marine silicon for bedding instruments.
Picked up a tbe of Sikiflex (I think 291 but not sure).  read fron to
packaging very carefully and it had all the properties I wanted.  Again
- it was BLACK.  A very small sticker on the back of the package states
BLACK in very small print.  I used it but it is messy to clean up and
required Acetone to get it off my bulkhead.  Thank goodness the
instrument and compass I was installing were both black.
Argh from Mike on Nut Case

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