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Hoyt, Mike Mike.Hoyt at impgroup.com
Thu Jun 11 13:03:30 EDT 2009


Funny.  Maybe they will just double the wages of the weathermen

Late for me too.  Usually we are in the weekend before May long weekend
and sailing on the long weekend.

I went down the well trodden path of getting a few stars in my eyes.
When we sold last boat we were going to get a day sailor with over night
capabilities - something with some performance like Kirby 25 or Bom 7.6
since we rarely cruised anymore.  Then found current boat that needed a
couple of things done.  Much better boat.  It needed recoring around a
couple of stanchions and since I had done that on chainplates and
cockpit floor before  I thought no problem.  It needed everything
rebedded - I had rebedded tracks and fittings before so no problem there
either.  There was quite a list of relatively simple tasks many of which
I had previously done before ...

However - when I record around Chainplates on the Niagara that was THE
PROJECT for the Spring - and only thise two areas.  When I installed a
marine head before it was one of a few projects.  When I rebedded genoa
tracks before I did only two tracks ....  A big difference from doing
everything in one season and then everything else the next.

The good news is that as June comes around I am sick of working on boats
and want to go sailing.  That makes for a ridiculous 10 day push that
gets it all completed and th e boat launched.  Only 80 hours in projects
this Spring that aree not part of normal commissioning.

Well - launching Saturday - sadly no new sails for this year

Nut Case
J27 #150

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